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Adelaide Computer Services


Computer Diagnostics & Repair

We specialise in a variety of computer diagnostics, repair, maintenance and service areas as well as remote support.



Data Recovery & Backup   

Anything can happen to your data anytime you never expected. We can provide the best solution for data backup and recovery.



Laptop & Tablets Screen Replacement

We can try to fix your laptop or tablet screen or provide you with a screen replacement that suits your needs and budget.



Business IT Systems & Networks

We can evaluate your computer networking requirements and provide a suitable solution that best fit your needs.




Flinders Computer Services, Adelaide

Flinders Computer Systems provides a wide range of computer services for businesses and individuals across South Australia.

Our main focus is to supply hardware and software for specific computer applications and provide continuous technical support and on going service. Our academically qualified personnel are extensively experienced in hardware and software troubleshooting, maintenance and network support.
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 Emergency Call Out Response



 Home User Support



 Virus and Spyware Removal



 Web Design



 On Site Service



 Remote Data Backup